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Polestar’s Gateway for Pilates Course is a fantastic opportunity to take your passion for Pilates one step further. Learn what is involved in teaching Pilates either to just enhance your own knowledge, or to use it to begin a career teaching Pilates.

Gain a deeper understanding of the Pilates method, learn selected Pilates mat exercises, and walk away with the practical skills to apply correct form and sequencing. Gateway will enhance your understanding of biomechanics and common movement pathologies to help keep your clients safe from injury.

This course will combine our training in London with a satellite group of students in Cirencester. The course will be led from London with our educator Bethia and our Polestar mentor Becky will assist the students in Cirencester.

We will have screens up in both studios. Our educator in London, Bethia, will lead the course and Becky, our Polestar mentor in Cirencester, will demonstrate the exercises for our students there as Bethia teaches them in London. You will then have the opportunity to practice the exercises within your own small group under the guidance of our education teams in each location.

We have taught other courses in this manner and it is working really well. Our education team are all highly experienced and the benefit that you will receive is having a very high ratio of students to teachers meaning that you will all receive a very high quality training experience.

24th Apr 2021 - 25th Apr 2021
Certificate of attendance
  • Insight into Polestar movement concepts & Pilates professional ethics.
  • Learn to teach 18 original and preparatory Pilates mat exercises.
  • Correctly identify the basic concepts applicable to each Pilates mat exercise.
  • Understand the most common contraindications & precautions for the 18 exercises.
  • Identify anatomical landmarks necessary for teaching Pilates.
  • Ability to correct common faulty movement patterns
  • Enhance your current repertoire within your scope of practice.
  • Satisfy the prerequisite for Polestar Comprehensive training
  • Health and fitness professionals wanting to complement their current practice with Pilates
  • Pilates enthusiasts wishing wishing to deepen their Pilates experience and/or:
  • Anyone taking a first step towards a career teaching Pilates


  • A passion for Pilates

Your course begins with three hours of online training at home, and shifts into experiential labs for collaborative learning. You will learn a variety of mat exercises and sequences that you can immediately work into your exercise and rehab programs.

Online Component
The online training is a requirement for all Gateway Pilates students. The online course consists of 3 lectures:

  1. Pilates History and Evolution
  2. Polestar Movement Principles
  3. Professional Ethics and Scope of Practice.

Each of these lectures is followed by a brief online quiz, which you must pass to progress to the next Gateway course module.

Polestar Pilates UK Ltd. Cancellation & Amendment Policy: More than 60 days prior to course start – full refund of all course fees, less £25 admin charge (unless retained as a credit against future purchases); 50% refund for 31-60 days’ notice; 30 days’ or less notice – no refund. We reserve the right to cancel any course, in which case the tuition will be refunded in full. Polestar Pilates UK Ltd. is not responsible for any participant’s hotel/airline reservations or transportation to and from a workshop in the event of cancellation.


£ 299


Online training resources
Laminated practice cards
Bound manual
Video library


How your time is spent

Online Component (6 hours)

Face-to-Face Training (16 Hours)

Self Mastery (4 hours)


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