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The Polestar Pilates mat course provides instruction in Pilates principles, techniques and practice with emphasis on group dynamics.

The mat course is comprised of the Polestar Principles online module followed by a two-day introductory Gateway mat module. Then there is an evening Polestar Fitness Screening workshop followed by a further three two-day course modules. The course teaches the practical skills needed to become proficient with assessment techniques, Pilates mat exercises, movement sequences and the application of the Polestar Principles.

As soon as you register, you are automatically enrolled onto Polestar Online where you have access to the interactive Polestar Principles module as well as revision and study resources, including lectures and case studies, quizzes and exercise videos.

29th Oct 2022 - 12th Feb 2023
Polestar Mat


PPO – Principles Online Pre-course online self-study
GWM - Polestar Gateway Module29-30 Oct 2022 (Sat 09:00-18:00 / Sun 09:00-17:00)
M1 - Polestar Fitness Screening 25 Nov 2022 (Fri 17:00-19:00)
M1 – Mat Module 1 26-27 Nov 2022 (Sat 09:00-18:00 / Sun 09:00-17:00)
M2 – Mat Module 2 14-15 Jan 2023 (Sat 09:00-18:00 / Sun 09:00-17:00)
M3 – Mat Module 3 18-19 Feb 2023 (Sat 09:00-18:00 / Sun 09:00-17:00)
  • Proficient at Pilates mat exercises from beginner through to advanced.
  • Understand the fundamentals of group dynamics.
  • Design training programmes and exercise sequences.
  • Acquisition of communication skills for successful teaching.
  • Emphasise the use of tactile and imagery cues.
  • Modification of exercises for special populations.
  • Learn precautions and contraindications to ensure safe teaching.
  • Group Exercise instructors
  • Health & Fitness professionals
  • Rehabilitation practitioners
  • Movement teachers (eg yoga, dance)
  • Career-changers


  • 25 hours of private or group Pilates classes.
  • A reasonable knowledge of anatomy and physiology

Walk away skilled at designing Pilates training programs using the Pilates mat repertoire.

  • 13 pre-Pilates exercises
  • 17 beginner/intermediate Pilates exercises
  • 25 intermediate/advanced Pilates exercises
  • Dozens of variations and modifications of these exercises

To graduate, you need to demonstrate your competence as a Polestar Pilates mat instructor. This is a fundamental part of the training where you complete 25 hours of  observation, 50 hours of self-practice and 50 hours of apprentice teaching. Polestar offers a number of support options to help you pass your practical teaching with confidence. It’s helpful to book regular private sessions regular private sessions (ideally at least monthly) with a member of your education team. They will help keep you on track with your self-mastery and apprentice teaching. You can also get together with other students (up to 3) to share private tuition costs.  A list of Polestar Educators and Mentors is provided when you start your course.

Certification Costs & Requirements

When you decide to take your exam and get certified is up to you, although we recommend that you sit your exam within two years of completing the course. Exams run in March and September. The cost of your exam and certification is £195. Book your exam when you’re ready from our event calendar here.

To keep accreditation current, mat graduates need to complete 16 hours of Polestar training courses and/or workshops every two years as well as two hours of self-practise and 5 hours teaching each week.

Then all you do is complete the form and return to us having paid the appropriate renewal fee online HERE (£75 prior to expiry, £150 after expiry). We will then maintain your listing, as a currently accredited Polestar instructor in our “Find a Teacher” search HERE.

TIP: Check your certification expiry date and ensure you have completed your hours before that date! We run Polestar Advanced training courses and workshops so there are plenty of opportunities for you to complete your practice and hours.

If you have multiple certifications, these can be renewed on one form, for one fee with the necessary hours recorded once. Just remember to tick all the boxes that apply.

Cancellations in writing prior to course commencement date (first scheduled attended module) will be refunded as follows:

  • With 60 days’ or more notice – 100% of fees;
  • With 30 or more days’ notice – 50% of fees;
  • Less than 30 days’ notice – Nil.

Refunds exclude course material costs of £495.00 which are non-refundable. After course commencement, modules missed can either be observed at a later date or caught-up privately with a Polestar educator/mentor at your own cost.

We reserve the right to cancel or re-schedule any course or course module. Polestar Pilates UK Limited is not responsible for any participant’s hotel/airline reservations or transportation to and from a course in the event of cancellation of a course.


£ 2,095

Or pay in full £1,995 now to save £100.

Interest-free easy payment plan:
Deposit £495.00 then five monthly instalments of £320.00.


Online training resources
Bound manual
Polestar Principles online

How your time is spent

Pre-Course including Online (40 hours)

Course Attendance (66 hours)

Self-Mastery & Observation (75 hours)

Apprentice Teaching (50 hours)


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