Pilates for Office Workers

Pilates for Office Workers

Jane is in her mid 30s and works in an office in the City. She regularly cycles to work and likes to go to spin classes at the gym but around a year ago, started to suffer from a niggling lower back pain. The pain got worse after long periods sitting at her desk, or after travelling on trains and aeroplanes, which she has to do regularly for work. Jane had never yet considered the benefits of Pilates for office workers like herself.

Rather, like many people with niggling back pain, Jane went to see a Physiotherapist. The Physio diagnosed Jane’s problem as muscular, caused by poor posture and too much sitting. After treatment, her Physiotherapist suggested she try Pilates.

When we met Jane, we recommended that she try our Pilates Reformer Starter Package. She had not tried Reformer Pilates before, only the occasional Pilates mat class at her local gym but never really “getting it”.

During Jane’s initial Private Pilates Session that was included in her Starter Package, Jane’s Pilates teacher evaluated her posture and alignment, then showed her the basic techniques needed for the reformer, in particular, in relation to her own strengths and weaknesses. This ensured that when Jane was in class, she understood the cues from the teacher and was able to get the most out of the Reformer Class.

Jane started by taking two classes a week and quickly became hooked when her back pain was alleviated, and she started to notice changes in her body shape. In addition to being pain-free after hours at a computer, Jane’s feels much ‘taller’ in her posture, her legs are leaner, and her energy levels are much higher.  Jane comes to Shoreditch for the lunchtime classes; she says her afternoons at work go faster and she’s noticed that she’s clearer and more productive. 

Jane is happy that she’s found the ideal exercise mix for her mind and body and is still amazed at how much better she feels in her body. Jane still cycles to work and goes to spin classes, both of which she now does more powerfully and effectively than before Pilates.  Something about using muscles she never even knew she had!

Jane is now training for a long distance cycling event. She walks taller, no longer suffers from back pain, and brings more energy and confidence to her every day tasks and interactions.

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