Start teaching Pilates with our globally-recognised matwork qualification

Our teaching method is interactive; combining face to face lectures with hours of physical practice guided by Polestar educators and mentors. You will learn to assess your clients holistically, physically and psychologically and walk away with the confidence to teach a range of clients from beginners to advanced, including rehabilitation and high-performance athletes.

These courses are ideal for Pilates enthusiasts, fitness instructors, personal trainers, rehab practitioners and other movement teachers (eg yoga, dance) seeking to gain a Pilates qualification in teaching matwork.

You will require a reasonable knowledge of Anatomy & Physiology, which you can satisfy by taking our online course here.

I trained with Polestar UK in Mat 12 years ago and totally loved it. The knowledge, friendliness and professionalism of my teachers surpassed my expectations and gave me an understanding of Pilates and how to teach it that I will always be grateful for. Two years later I went on to complete the Reformer training and then a few years later the Comprehensive training and again I totally loved the content , delivery and support given by the exceptional Polestar team.
I have been teaching Pilates ever since and my knowledge and interest in Pilates continues to evolve thanks to the foundations and back up given to me my the fantastic Polestar UK training team. I wouldn’t hesitate to give the highest recommendation to anyone considering a training course with them. Trish Cahill


Great courses, tutors and continuing education. Can only recommend 5 stars as their courses and educators are amazing. If you are thinking about doing a course with Polestar UK, I would highly recommend them. I have attended the mat and reformer course and the knowledge and professionalism of the educators is great. It is a real community. Jane Cunningham


Upcoming Mat Courses

Pilates Mat, London (Polestar Pilates)

Pilates Mat London

29th Oct 2022 - 12th Feb 2023

Mat Course Content

  • Gateway Module

    Gateway Pilates is an online+weekend introductory course to the Pilates Method and the Polestar approach.  It can be taken stand-alone or as an integral part of the mat course.

  • PPO Module - Polestar Principles Online

    Experience and apply the theories of movement that lay the foundation for Polestar Pilates in this prerequisite for all other Polestar courses. Using evidence-based research, you will discover the passage ways for movement throughout the body and develop the tools to provide either assistance for or challenge your clients in helping them achieve their goals.

    Polestar Principles will bring to life your ability to assess, problem-solve, design and modify exercise programs to meet specific needs and abilities.

    This is a 10-hour online course with 8 segments. Each segment will be available after the completion of the previous one. Quizzes, resources, and discussions qualify your learning as you go through the course.

    Upon completion, you will be able to:

    • Deepen your knowledge in current evidence-based research pertaining to movement science, motor learning, bioenergetics and communication;
    • Understand the Polestar Principles of Movement;
    • Demonstrate ability to correctly execute and teach over 130 exercises and their variations;
    • Be able to use the ICF Model or the Polestar Screening™, specifically designed for the movement professional, which includes postural evaluation and functional testing to determine your clients’ strengths, weaknesses and goals.
  • M1 Module

    This 2-day course teaches 9 preparatory (or pre-Pilates) mat exercises and 16 Pilates mat exercises for beginning and intermediate levels. The six basic Polestar Pilates Principles are incorporated into the learning process, to provide a clear understanding of the underlying fundamentals of each mat exercise. Programme design and exercise sequencing are addressed for a variety of group exercise and personal training settings. Verbal, tactile and imagery cues are used to facilitate motor learning.

    Tuition: Two days, 16 hours

  • M2 Module

    Mat Level 2

    19 Pilates-evolved mat exercises are presented for intermediate and advanced levels. This course focuses on practical teaching experience that emphasises group dynamics. Polestar Pilates Principles are applied to verbal, tactile and combined cueing. Programme design and exercise sequencing are discussed for a variety of clients and class settings. To enhance teaching outcomes, Polestar instructors provide analysis and critique of instructional styles.

    Tuition: Two days, 16 hours

  • M3 Module

    Mat Level 3

    This two day module will review the exercises already taught in M1 and M2 so you can “check off” all these exercises in your log book.  Much of the weekend will also be spent “apprentice teaching” allowing you to complete many of your supervised apprentice teaching hours.

    Tuition: Two days, 16 hours

  • Online Resources

    Students also have access to the Polestar Online platform which includes the following:

    • Precautions and Contraindications Video Lecture
    • Polestar Fitness Screening Video Lecture
    • Program Design and Sequencing Video Lecture
    • 119 Pilates Exercise Demonstration and Teaching Videos

    This is a wonderful reference library to enhance your practice.  

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