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  • What is not included in the course fees?

    The course cost includes the attendance of all modules (3 for reformer, 4 for mat and 6 for comprehensive) plus all  of your manuals, log book as well as the online learning you will receive upon booking.

    In terms of extras, we recommend that during the course students spend 2-3 hours per week practising what you have learnt in the modules.  We offer the opportunity for students to practise at our studios in London for a cost of £10 per hour.  We also list on our website, Polestar practice studios.  These studios run by a Polestar graduate also offer an opportunity for you to complete your practise hours.

    We also recommend that you attend our Friday club classes and repertoire reviews (currently online).  Classes cost £10 for 90 mins.

    Seeing one of our education team once a month is also recommended.  These sessions, which can be shared with a fellow student, cost from £70.  We also run student-led practice pods with our education team where 4 – 6 students can work on the equipment with one of our education team on hand.  These classes cost £30 – £35.

  • What is the difference between the Friday Club and the Repertoire Review classes?

    Our online instructor classes held on Friday afternoons are an excellent way for students to explore the concepts and principles learnt on the course.  They are an excellent way for you to complete your self practice hours and to help consolidate your learning.

    The Friday club is a practical mat class, usually with a theme.  Details can be found on our calendar of continuing education.

    The repertoire review and revision classes are theory based classes and again an excellent way of consolidating your knowledge and completing your logbook.  We usually run one practical instructor class followed by one theory class on Friday afternoons, so work well if students do them in succession.

    All Friday clubs and reviews are currently online.

  • How many hours a week should I practise?

    Once you have started the course We suggest you spend 2-3 hours a week practising what you have learnt. Some of this can be done at home on a mat or by reading your books and some in the studio on the equipment either on your own or with fellow students.We recommend you have a 1-1 at least once a month.

  • What happens if I am unable to complete the course?

    Please review our cancellation policies here.

  • Does Polestar offer continuing education?

    Polestar Pilates offers a wide range of Pilates courses, seminars and workshops nationally and internationally in its continuing education program. All of them are available in the website.

  • Would I have to take the Mat Course before being eligible to take the Studio Course?

    No there is no requirement to be mat qualified so long as you satisfy the specified criteria.

  • I understand that a reasonable knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology is a prerequisite. If I do not have this, what do you recommend?

    We offer an online anatomy course that you can purchase for £49 through our video-on-demand platform at www.polestar.video

  • What is the deadline/recommended latest time to apply for the course?

    We recommend you book as soon as you have decided to take one of our courses because numbers a re strictly limited and places are offered on a first-come, first served basis. See Course Dates & Costs page here for early booking discounts.

  • How can I complete Observation hours?

    A good way to observe is to take part in a group class being taught by a Polestar instructor which you can log as either an observation or self-practise hour.  This can be a mat or equipment class.

    Another good way for comprehensive students to observe is to book a self-practise hour at the studio when there are other Polestar instructors booked in with clients.  Then you can absorb what is being taught in a less formal way. You can then log this as either observation or self-practise time.

    We are mindful that for students living far away that finding a Polestar teacher for observation is not always easy which is why we do allow some of these hours to be with a non-Polestar instructor.

    However the point of observation is to hear the teacher giving appropriate cueing which will not necessarily be the same with non-Polestar teachers.  We therefore also recommend that you watch Pilates Anytime videos which feature Polestar educators.
    We also suggest students attend our Friday Club classes and use these classes as either self-practise or observation hours.

  • What do self-mastery hours entail?

    Self-mastery hours are exactly that.  They are hours that you spend mastering the exercises you have learnt on your course.  So hours that you spend practising either on your own or with your fellow students, can be noted in your log book without verification.

    However in order to ensure that you are on the right track, we do recommend that you book a 1-1 session with an educator or mentor at least once a month.  We also run student led practice pods with our education team.

    On Friday afternoons we run online classes for students, both theory and practical.  See polestar.life for details and booking.

    You can also attend classes elsewhere that are taught by Polestar graduates.  Alternatively you can watch videos on either our website or on Pilates Anytime that feature a Polestar educator.

  • What is Apprentice Teaching?

    Apprentice teaching hours are usually started at the end of the course once you have the knowledge of all the exercises.

    These teaching hours are self certified so it is fine if you are not teaching in a formal setting, you could include teaching friends and family at home!  The idea behind this is for you to stay connected with your practice and teaching. You can do this at home or you can hire the studio by the hour.

    It is possible to get student insurance once you complete your course so that are insured to teach them.  We recommend Balens
    who offer student cover at a very reasonable price. We do not verify these hours but trust the student to complete and record them in their log books accurately.

    As with self mastery hours we suggest you have a 1:1 regularly with an educator or mentor to ensure you are on the right track.  We also offer revision sessions on a Friday evening with one of our educators to assist you with these hours.

  • What are Logbooks and Exercise Check-offs?

    You as the student take responsibility for signing-off the demonstration and teaching sections in your course log book.  When you feel you have mastered the individual exercises, please sign in the appropriate column.

    To help you with this we run regular Friday Club classes for students and repertoire reviews which you can book at www.polestar.life.

    We also strongly recommend that you have a regular 1-1 session with a member of the education team.  How often you have these sessions is up to you but we would suggest at least once a month.  You can share this session with a fellow student.

    The mentor or educator you are seeing is responsible for signing-off the final column in your log book for check-offs.  They will not sign the exercises individually, but rather sign each page.  By having regular 1-1 sessions this process will happen organically. They might also make some comments in your log book about specific things you need to focus on for either teaching or demonstration.

    With regard to the rest of your log book, again you are responsible for completing this.  When you are ready to sit your exam and your log book is complete, please ask your educator to sign the final page of your log book.

  • I have just started teaching and require insurance. Can you suggest any suitable brokers.

    We do not recommend or endorse any particular company but the following links have been provided by former students who have done their own research:


  • Yes, but can I get insurance cover to teach before I am qualified?

    FitPro insurance has been specifically designed for fitness instructors with an accepted qualification and also students on recognised courses to protect them against liability claims that may be made by a member of the public, including their PT clients. The insurance is specifically designed for fitness industry professionals and provides essential insurance cover for instructors who require flexible insurance whether operating locally or worldwide, in a gym, studio, leisure facility, client’s home or outdoors. The FitPro insurance scheme is underwritten by Aviva, the UK’s largest insurer who are authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority.

    For further details, please visit  www.FitPro.com/insurance,  email [email protected] or call 020 8586 8635

    Balens offers coverage to Students for up to a 12 month period to teach the paying public exercises that you have learnt to date in your course so long as the client is aware of the training status as stated, ”Students can be covered for all work prior to qualification, subject to adequate supervision and safeguards.”  Visit: www.balens.co.uk for further information

  • Can I use the King's Cross studio for apprentice teaching?

    Yes, you will need to sign a studio hire agreement and provide your insurance certificate. We suggest that you ask your client to pay you at least enough to cover the studio hire fee.

  • Will I need additional tuition?

    We don’t think there is a training course anywhere that would provide unlimited training sessions to meet all of a student’s demands for a limited price.  In fact, being mindful of the significant investment our course entails, we try to provide additional support at minimal cost.

    We actively encourage you to work with fellow students, our online classes with our education team cost £10 per 90 minute session and we also offer student led learning pods with our education team for £30 – £35 per hour.

Documentation & Renewal

  • What is the deadline/recommended latest time to apply for the course?

    We recommend you book as soon as you have decided to take one of our courses because numbers a re strictly limited and places are offered on a first-come, first served basis. See Course Dates & Costs page here for early booking discounts.

  • I qualified two years ago and have noticed that my certificate is due to expire shortly. How do I get it renewed?

    It is important that we maintain high standards in the Pilates industry. Polestar Pilates Education continues to improve and develop its curriculum and examination process. Like most high-quality education programs, re-qualification is an essential part of maintaining skills and quality of care. Polestar’s certifications/qualifications are valid for two years, after which time re-qualification is required.

    Please see full details on the re-certification page here.

  • What if I have lost my Certificate(s) or Manual(s)?

    Replacement certificates for workshops and/or courses can be provided to attendees upon payment of a £10.00 administration charge, to include postage within UK. An additional £5.00 is levied for airmail postage.

    Replacement manuals (for either SR1-3 or SR4-6) can be purchased for £60.00 each. Principles manual is £25.00. UK postage is included, please ask if you wish them to be sent overseas.


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