Katie Went From Unable To Run To Ultra Marathon

Unable To Run To Ultra Marathon Katie's Story

Katie now 32 has strength beyond what she imagined when she first discovered Pilates 7 years ago. Then, Katie could barely run a mile, and her body was so tight that she could only lift her leg a few inches off the ground. Fast forward to 2019, and Katie regularly competes in extreme-sports challenges all around the world.

Katie’s Pilates journey started in 2012 with weekly Mat classes with Heather. Her flexibility improved, and month-on-month, Katie seemed to be more mobile and resilient. Katie soon added cycling and running to the mix, and in 2015, signed up for her first ultra marathon. Katie finished, but it wasn’t easy. An accident whilst cycling saw Katie come off her bike and land on her shoulder. For this she would need surgery, and the pain in her body was very severe.

On the road to recovery, Katie started Osteopathy with the team here at Moss. These sessions focused on shoulder rehab, and resolving the hip imbalance. It was during this time that Katie also had private Pilates lessons with Heather. This gave Nick and Heather, Katie’s Osteo and Pilates teacher, the chance to collaborate on her exercise program. Heather included exercises and sequences that complemented the Osteo’s work on hip and shoulder imbalances.

While her treatment with the Osteo ended after a few weeks, Katie maintained her weekly private sessions. Today Katie is pain free, and a regular competitor in fierce events like the 100 Mile Centurion Race – designed for runners to compete under the fastest possible conditions, and the Ice Ultra Marathon – a 230 km extreme foot race through arctic Sweden.

“I know how to move and sit well – I can sense it now. My forward-head posture is gone and I’m move much more efficiently.”

Katie’s next challenge is the Everest Trail Race. She also wants to do an ultra marathon in the Amazon. From there a world marathon is on the horizon. Katie says Pilates helps her do it. It’s the most rewarding thing ever, to facilitate and witness stories like Katie’s; to see what the spirit is capable of when the body is free from pain and tension.

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