Claire Sparrow


Claire is a straight-talking and inspiring Scottswomen with an inclusive yet exacting and rigorous approach. Claire has an absolute passion for all things Pilates but her manner is enabling and supporting and she maintains a sense of humour and humility throughout all her client interactions.

Claire's strongly empathetic nature allows her to decode complex issues and create bespoke opportunities for change in a private or large group setting. She is mindful of her audience, ensuring that no matter how timid, confident, injured or intact a person is, she will go the extra mile to help.   Claire is the living embodiment of “you are the architect of your own happiness.”


After discovering Pilates in 1998 as a young dance student when it resolved her debilitating knee injury she has been evangelical about the benefits ever since. Teaching since 2002, Claire has a wealth of qualifications and never stops learning - training & certifying with Pilates Institute, Fit To Deliver, APPI, STOTT, Natural Bodies and of course Polestar, and most recently, becoming a Second Generation Teacher graduating from the Lolita San Miguel Master Mentorship Program 2019.

Claire opened her first home studio in 2005 then took the leap and opened a large fully equipped studio in partnership with another passionate local teacher for a 8 successful years from 2010. In 2016, after having her third child, it was time for another shift and following her belief in serving her local community and a mission to walk to work she opened Chapel Allerton Pilates.

Claire is a Polestar Educator and host for Polestar in the North of England and runs an apprenticeship program bridging the gap between training and teaching.  In 2018 Claire expanded on an existing venture and founded Hosted By Movement Education as part of her mission to build awareness and participation locally and globally.  


Pilates Comprehensive, Leeds (Polestar Pilates)

Pilates Comprehensive Leeds

23rd Apr 2021 - 9th Oct 2021