Elizabeth Bussey


I am a global Collaborative Coach and Psychological Fitness Specialist. I have health and well-being practitioner experience spanning over 20 years.


Global Collaborative Mentoring, Psychological Fitness Academy Specialist Teacher Training, Polestar Pilates UK Education Supervising and Assessing, Autoimmune Health and Well-Being Specialist Advising, International Health and Well-Being Conference Presenting.


BA Hons - Education
Global Collaborative Mentor
Grass Roots Founder
Psychological Fitness Specilist and Teacher Trainer
Polestar Pilates UK Educator, Supervisor and Examiner
The Human Home Project Creator/Coach
The Ego Detox Workshop Creator/Coach
Human Potential Coach
Self Actualisation Mentor
Biodynamic Cranial Sacral Therapist
Applied Function Medicine in Practice

Elizabeth Bussey's UPCOMING COURSES

Pilates Comprehensive, Limerick (Polestar Pilates)

Pilates Comprehensive Limerick

6th Jan 2023 - 20th May 2023

Pilates Comprehensive, London (Polestar Pilates)

Pilates Comprehensive London

21st Oct 2022 - 12th Mar 2023

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