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Experience and apply the theories of movement that lay the foundation for Polestar Pilates in this prerequisite for all other Polestar courses. Using evidence-based research, you will discover the passage ways for movement throughout the body and develop the tools to provide either assistance for or challenge your clients in helping them achieve their goals.

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Upon completion, you will be able to:

  • Deepen your knowledge in current evidence-based research pertaining to movement science, motor learning, bioenergetics and communication
  • Understand the Polestar Principles of Movement
  • Demonstrate ability to correctly execute and teach over 130 exercises and their variations
  • Be able to use the ICF Model or the Polestar ScreeningTM, specifically designed for the movement professional, which includes postural evaluation and functional testing to determine your clients’ strengths, weaknesses and goals

Anyone who wants a low-cost introduction to the theory and practice of Pilates.

This is 10-hour course with 8 segments. Each segment will be available after the completion of the previous one. Quizzes, resources, and discussions qualify your learning as you go through the course.

Principle 1: Breathing
Principle 2: Axial Elongation & Core Control
Principle 3: Spine Articulation
Principle 4: Organization of the Head, Neck, and Shoulders
Principle 5: Alignment & Weight Bearing of the Extremities
Principle 6: Movement Integration
Principles: Additional Resources

Certificate of Completion available if quizzes completed successfully.


£ 195


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